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Seconds for Kickstarter & Indiegogo backers only!

These are seconds. They may be great (the ones pictured are great) or may have parts that are a little distorted. They still work without issue, and are also perfect for storing extra cubes in your freezer.

They will be shipped to the same location that your Ice.Made.Clear.™set is being shipped to - but, you will need to enter the address again here so that I can properly account for sales tax. Your credit card statement will say ‘movingimage llc.’ as the vendor – that’s my company.

If you wish to order both sizes:

  1. click order, choose tray size and quantity, then click “continue shopping” in the upper left hand corner to come back to this screen. Don’t fill out your name or credit card info yet.

  2. click order again and add another tray size. Then, fill out the rest of the order page and you are done.